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Tips for Creating a Good Website

A good SEO site should be user-friendly. Anyone who is planning to design or build a site should take time and understand the basics of search engine optimization and the rules for creating and developing a friendly site. Doing this will help you in creating an SEO friendly site that enjoys a high ranking on the available search engines. This will, in turn, lead to high traffic. The following are some of the basic rules that every web designer should follow.

Clean code

The codes used when developing a website should be well-structured. This will make it easier for the search engines when reading the website’s content. They should also be well written to reduce the amount of loading time. Other crucial things that you need to take into account when designing your website include the font size, style, and colour. These are some of the smallest details that need to be incorporated.

Avoid overusing JavaScript

Most of the designed have been using Javascript in their entire sites. Even if this is one of the best programming tools, it can lead to some serious issues if it happens to feature so many times. For instance, some of the search engines might find it hard or difficult to read the site’s content. This means that it should be used sparingly as recommended by many internet marketing solutions and SEO solutions. Sometimes it might not work well especially on the mobile devices.

By avoiding flash elements

These elements have the same effect as JavaScript. They can drive away organic traffic by increasing the loading time. In fact, sites having very many flash elements are often ignored or devalued by search engines. This means that they contribute nothing to the sites SEO. You should, therefore, avoid using these elements or use them sparingly.

By making the link structure navigable

This is one of the useful secrets when it comes to the development and design of an SEO site. Having a streamlined structure will make your site more user-friendly. It can also be read easily by the search engines. This will help you in attracting more traffic.

Creating user-friendly URLs

The structure of a URL is very important. This is what that determines the ranking of a website on search engines. This means that you should use a URL that is SEO friendly. You should avoid using many categories within it and separating words using hyphens. The URLs created should be easily readable.

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Utilizing The Social Media to Increase Traffic

This is among the fastest growing fields. People have been using fan pages, groups, personal pages and company pages to engage their target audience. This article has compiled the effective techniques and tips that are helpful in increasing or building traffic in your sites by using the available social media sites. Some of the commonly used social sites include Instagram, Linkedln, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can use them whenever you are producing some material for publication.

Automating the process

Automation of the social media is done through the free websites such as HootSuite (paid and free), IFFT, and Buffer (paid and free). These sites are effective in marketing the different sites by improving traffic. This can also be done using other software options that are paid for.automation

Asking for like, retweet or share

You can do this by giving a call to action to your followers. Some of the receptive individuals might use it in sharing the content that they enjoy on Twitter or Facebook. It is therefore important to tell them what they exactly need to do. Any blogger who is interested in improving sales from retweets, repins, likes and shares should use this method.

Simplifying the social media sharing process

Anyone having a website or a blog should provide a simple means or method of sharing his or her content. This is done by adding plug-ins or social media sharing buttons to the web properties. This will provide your readers with a quick and simple method of spreading information whenever they find an interesting post.


Running a giveaway or contest

Some companies have been established to offer these services. KingSumo is one of those companies that are specialized in managing and creating successful contest and giveaways on the social media sites. This is an effective strategy that has helped many people in increasing the number of visitors or customers to their websites.

Ensuring that your profiles are filled out

This might seem to be very obvious, but there are many entrepreneurs and online business owners who have social media profiles that are incomplete. These profiles should be used for telling people about your business and yourself. Where possible, you can also use them to provide links to your blog or media profile

Be consistent

You should only use the social media sites that are relevant to your market or niche. Again, you should avoid concentrating on a few platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This means that you should be everywhere.